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Support for Vault?

jwbowersjwbowers Posts: 2
edited June 3, 2016 9:07AM in SQL Source Control
With the recent release of SQL Source Control 5, it appears that Vault has been relegated to second-class status.
For those of us still using Vault Professional, are there plans to at least make SQL Source Control 5.x compatible with Vault 9.x? I can no longer even link a database to Vault 9.1.0; I get an error message that reads "The location supplied is a version of Vault that SQL Source Control is not compatible with."


  • Sergio RSergio R Posts: 595 Rose Gold 5

    I am afraid that at the moment support for Vault 9 is not on the roadmap for SQL Source Control (SOC) 5.

    The recommended ways to use Vault 9 with SOC 5 are:

    1 - Use the Working folder option and then use a third party tool to interact with Vault 9.

    2 - Create a config file to allow SQL Source Control to interact with Vault 9 using its command line.

    If you wish you can vote for the request for this feature in the SOC uservoice forum, this forum is monitored by the Product Support team who use it as an important source when deciding what features to add or to enhance in the application.

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