Time values i'm getting seem to be frivolous

ncagencage Posts: 3
edited June 22, 2016 6:17AM in ANTS Performance Profiler 9
I'm profiling a web application (which consist of a web front end and a wcf backend). The numbers i'm getting from ants performance profiler ( professional) seem to be frivolous. I have two instance of the profiler running (one for the wcf service and one for the front end website). Here is a perfect example


The function i have highlighted its telling me it is taking 63.108 seconds. There is no way its even close to that. You can see how simple the function is. When i'm debugging, using visual studio 2015, that function takes less than a second. With all optimizations turned off. When i compiled my app for profiling with redgate of course i used a release build. If i switch it to CPU time instead of "Wall-clock time" the results are similar. Its telling me that 63.122 seconds of CPU time were taken.

To lessen profiler overhead i chose "method-level timings; methods with source"


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