Monitor one node from cluster only - not all nodes

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with Version it is not possible anymore, to monitor only one node from a for example a two node cluster.
If I add one node at the field "Add SQL Server" and click on add, it will be automatically switch to the cluster address and add both nodes.

In older Version it was possible to add only one node of a cluster.



  • Hi Michael,

    In version 5 we have made the default behaviour to automatically discover the cluster and all of its nodes by putting in any node of the cluster or the cluster name itself (see the documentation here: ... to+monitor under step 3). The licensing is per Windows host machine so when you try to add the single node of the 2 node cluster it is attempting to add both nodes and unable to do so due to licensing issues.

    There is a work around that can be attempted but this is not officially supported. if you would like more information about this please contact [email protected]
    Sarah Beckett| Customer Support| Redgate Software
    Have you visited our Help Center? 
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