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So at my current company, we have alternative monitoring solutions to SQL Monitor...one specifically that is better suited for monitoring the host servers in our environment with more eyes on that solution. So what I want to do is disable the monitoring and alerting at the host level within SQL Monitor but continue monitoring just the instance(s). I've tried seeing if there was a workaround by pausing the host (but that pauses the instance too) or entering bad credentials on the host with the right credentials on the instance (but also causes instance to not be monitored). Is there any way to just monitor the SQL instance and ignore the host server metrics/alerts?


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    Hi rbartho,

    There may be a way using the polling schedule editor utility (an unsupported tool) which modifies collection schedules. With this you can disable specific data collections and then you can disable the machine level alerting in the GUI (not sure if that would be necessary with no data being collected).

    There was a ticket opened for you and I will send instructions for the polling schedule editor to you via that.

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