How to update the Team Services extension?

MckMurrayMckMurray Posts: 37 Bronze 3
edited May 25, 2016 7:46AM in SQL CI 2
What is the supported way to update the extension for Team Services? Uninstall/reinstall, or will that cause problems?
I'm on an older version that does not deploy the new migration scripts...



  • crimdoncrimdon Posts: 54 Bronze 3
    I found through experimentation that you can upgrade the TFS extension on the manage extensions page (assuming on premises TFS). You also need to remove and re-add the build tasks on your builds for them to use the new version.


  • MckMurrayMckMurray Posts: 37 Bronze 3
    Thanks Andrew, we are using Visual Studio Team Services, not TFS on-prem. I would have assumed there'd be a way on the manage extensions page, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case...
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