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Is there a way to automate Compare against many databases?

MKZekeMKZeke Posts: 5
edited May 13, 2016 10:33AM in SQL Compare 11

What I am looking to do is run a single master database against an array of division databases in order to add any tables, roles, stored procedures, and views that are missing from each of the division databases in an automated fashion. The master database is set up on Team Foundation Server via SQL Source Control, and I was looking to have it so that if the master database was updated to have another table, view, etc., then it could run through each division database and add that object to all databases that did not have it added.

I am aware of using Compare's Command Line to make a batch file with multiple commands, but I do not wish to manually enter in a command for each database.
Here is an example of what I mean to do through Command Line:
SQLCompare /sourcecontrol1 /revision1:HEAD /s2:[server] /Database2:[database] /userName2:[Username]/password2:[password] /sfx:[location] /include:Missing /include:Role /include:StoredProcedure /include:Table /include:View
Is there a way to run an array of different databases through a command line like this, and if not, is there another way I could go about what I'm looking to accomplish without manually doing so?



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