corrupted tlog in log shipping

jwilleyjwilley Posts: 23
edited October 27, 2008 11:58PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
Hoping someone can recommend a workflow here -- over the weekend our log shipping job stopped due to one of the tlog files being corrupted. unfortunately, I had set the file retention time on the source server to 24h -- and the 24 had passed by the time I got to work and saw the problem -- therefore, I don't have a copy of the corrupted file on the source server (a lession learned!).

Please give suggestions as to what I should do to sort this out -- do I really have to delete/suspend the jobs on both source and target and start over? Note the database is 60GB compressed -- it takes 24 hrs to transfer a full backup to the target server. The target database is fne up to the problem and for what it's worth, I 50 or so tlogs after the problem (I tried to restore the next one in the list but got an error that its starting ID was too recent).

Any help, greatly appreciated.


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