Linking Database to Source Control with Large Git Repo

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I am using Version and am trying to link one of our 5 databases to source control. We have a rather large .Git repo that we want to be able to use to store all the DB schema as well.

My issue is when i first say link, and choose a currently empty folder in the repo, it seems to take forever to link up to the .Git repo and either
A. Crashes SSMS
B. Takes forever before finally linking
C. "out of memory error"

From my take it seems to be likely looking in the entire /.git directory for the full repo when linking up and its choking on the number of files that are in the repo even though the folder i'm linking is pretty small by comparison. At this current juncture It appears I likely have 2 options.
1. Create a New repo for the databases which creates: hassle of two pull requests per branch.
2. Link Database to a working Directory which bypasses the commit functionality of .git but gets around the taking forever to link.

Has anyone else run into this issue? If so, how did you go about fixing the issue? And is it something that might be fixed in a later version?


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    I just had the same exact thing happen in SQL Source Control I am curious to know if this is a SQL Source Control issue or a SSMS issue
  • Thanks for posting. It was a known bug which has been fixed in the later release ( I'm not sure why you are hitting this issue as you are on much newer version. A ticket has been created for you in this case and we'll have a look together. Thanks!
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  • Unfortunately SQL Source Control is prone to out of memory errors for very large operations due to SSMS limitations. We would recommend linking to a working folder instead when dealing with a large repository.
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