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SQL Search 2.3 release

edited October 27, 2017 12:25PM in SQL Search
SQL Search (4th May 2016)

This release of SQL Search includes:
  • Support for the latest preview release of SSMS (using the VS2015 shell)
  • New product logo
  • New product switcher, accessible from the product logo in the top left corner

Download this release

Earlier versions will auto-update soon; however, to enable support for the latest preview builds of SSMS you will need to download and run the full installer linked above.
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    I'm having an issue with SQL Search 2.3 running on SQL 2008 r2. Memory usage is about 85MB when I initially open SSMS. When I click on SQL Search and search a 95GB database, memory usage jumps to over 100MB. If I then attempt to search a 139GB database, memory usage will sometimes exceed 1.5GB and SSMS will crash with an unhandled exception message and I have to close SSMS to resolve the error. I also have tried this using SSMS 2014 (v 12.0.2000.8) and when searching a larger database (200GB+), memory usage exceeds 1.5GB and SSMS just crashes. Any insight into what is happening and how to resolve?

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