How to query highest Log Send Queue Values

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In our Production environment sometimes SQL Monitor trigger the Error - Replication is falling behind.
To find out the cause of lagging it would be helpful to query the database for the Log Send Queue Values. ( Timestamp of the highest values ) over a period of a week.
Unfortunately i am not able to write a query to get these values...

Any suggestions ?


  • Hi Frank,

    Thanks for contacting Redgate support.

    I believe the attached article will help in keeping an eye on the log queue ... itoring-i/.
    I'm not sure if there is anything specific in the SQL Monitor database that can be used to assist in this case.
    Kind regards,
    Dan Bainbridge
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
  • The idea was to query the SQL Monitor Database where the values are still persisted ;-).
  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,081 Diamond 4
    Hi Frank,

    We don't officially support querying the RedGateMonitor data repository. In this instance, the data you are looking for should be available in the UI. If you go to the Analysis tab the option for "Log send queue" is near the bottom under the "Availability group metrics" section. You would then be able to set the time frame to 7 days (or your own custom time frame) and export to csv using the link just above the graph to get the data you are looking for.

    I hope this helps!

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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  • Hi Alex

    not my preferred opinion but thanks for the hint.
    Handling with CSV Export / Import is time consuming manual work and thats not what im looking for.

    regards, Frank
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