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Not Enough Rows for Preview

KellyKelly Posts: 2
edited April 14, 2016 12:14PM in SQL Data Generator
Hello, all.

I have a Data Generator project with that contains several references to columns in other tables. Occasionally, when I open the project, I see the informational message that tells me there are not enough rows for these to generate the preview. When I look at the referenced table, there are plenty of rows in its preview. What causes this condition?

Closing and opening the project without making any changes seems to correct the condition.

Is there a way for me to diagnose & "fix" the condition without exiting & restarting the project?

+ Kelly

EDIT: (4/15/2016 07:36 CDT) Nevermind ... After I posted this question, I realized that the message clearly means there are not enough rows in the target table to populate the preview section. For some reason, I thought the data in the source table was used to populate the preview. I apologize for any inconvenience.
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