SQL Monitor database grew and now decreasing in size

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Our SQL Monitor database grew significantly, 26 GB in the last 8 months, to a high of almost 75 GB on April 10. I have not changed the data purging settings in years, and number of servers monitored remains at 13. On April 11, I upgraded from version 5.0 to 5.1. Since then, the database size (space used) is down 3 GB and still decreasing. I wonder where it will land.


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    Good Morning,
    Thanks for your inquiry about SQL Monitor. It was the case with some of our customers that early versions of SQL Monitor 5 were collecting data to the point of affecting performance or increasing the size of the data repository. With later versions of 5, the developers were able to better optimize the data collection as you have seen for yourself. Has the data repository been continuing to decrease for you so far?

    Sean Quigley | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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    Yes, its now below 66 GB and continuing to decrease, which is nice.

    Could the bloat have been caused by the data purging bug referred to in this post?

    I upgraded SQL Monitor to version 5 on February 11. Up to that point the database was 61,000 MB. It had been growing, but much slower (was 50,000 MB on October 11, 2015). From February 11 to April 11 it grew from 61,000 MB to almost 75,000 MB.

    Data size should remain stable, since the number of monitored servers hasn't changed, and data purge settings haven't changed.
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    Hi ngarris,

    The deadlocking issue referenced in that post is a separate issue from the additional data collected in v5 that Sean mentioned. The deadlocking issue is related to performance of the machine where the data repository is located (effectively there is not enough resource for the base monitor to store all the data it gathers AND purge old data and the purge is victimized).

    As was said, in v5 more data was being gathered and the developers have streamlined this in v5.1 so that space requirements for the data repository have been reduced (see the hardware requirements here. This is why the size is now decreasing as there is less storage required for the same number of servers in 5.1, whereas in v5.0 the space requirement had increased per server over v4.

    I hope that helps clarify the behaviour you are seeing!

    Kind regards,
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