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Reinstalling dashboard on another machine

SeanKAndersonSeanKAnderson Posts: 3
edited April 13, 2016 8:09AM in DLM Dashboard
I was evaluating DLM Dashboard having initially installed the web service on my laptop, monitoring a remote SQL Server. I was under the impression at first that the schema changes were kept in the RedGate database on the remote machine that was configured to be monitored. I got around to installing the dashboard services on a server and noticed that it was not reporting any of the schema changes previously captured.

Can someone provide instructions for migrating the data stored by the dashboard services on my local machine to the fresh dashboard install on a server? Is it possible? I see now that the information is kept in RavenDB but it is not clear where this data is persisted. Why not allow users to store the data on a SQL Server?


  • I realized that the data was in ProgramdataRedgate... and I tried copying the database from my previous dashboard install (1.6.x) to the new install (1.7.x). After granting permissions so that the services could access the RavenDB folder the Storage Service would not start. There were exceptions in the logs of course.

    Are there any other configuration steps that would allow the copied data to work?
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