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Does BuildServer CI migration scripts require SqlSource?

ppatppat Posts: 6
edited June 2, 2016 9:54AM in SQL Compare 11
Just had to check in my first migration script and now I'm dead in the water. I am unable to get my build server to process the migration script.

We are using TeamCity, it checks out the source, SqlCompare was working great going from /Script1 to /Database2. I added a /MigrationsFolder to point to the migrations folder where TeamCity is checking out the migrations scripts and it is there. But now i get Error: The /migrationsfolder switch cannot be used without the /scriptsfolderxml switch.

I'm reading the doc and also googled, but now I am completely confused. I only found 2 really old posts on this and it seems like people have to switch to doing sqlcompare from /Scripts1 to /SourceControl1 and have to also install SqlSource? Please tell me this is not true. What happens if somebody checks in a script change after the automated build process has started but hasn't yet gotten to the sql update build step?

Everything was working great until I added one single migration script. Now my build process is dead because the default script can't update the db.

1) How can I get my TeamCity to include migration scripts without having to go buy even more software and directly tying individual build steps directly to source control? How can I get it to use the local migrations folder put there by Teamcity?
2) If I can't do 1, what is it about migration scripts that requires another SqlSourceControl license and tying sql compare directly to source? If this really is required, then I think it's a reasonable request that we just purchased the DLM automation suite for the sole purpose of our build server and if I am being forced to use SqlSourceControl, then it would be nice if DLM included a sql source control license if sql compare is really going to need it for migration scripts.


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    Sorry for the issue you are having with migration scripts. We agree with your assesment that this should be one integrated process. We are working on releasing a version of migrations that works across all platforms like you mention. I don't have the exact date but 1-2 months this should be released and the current migrations will be replaced with this new solution. Sorry for the issues you are having, hopefuly this upcoming release will resolve this issue.
    Allen LeVan
    Red Gate Software
    US Product Support
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    I'm here for the exact same reason. I see the question has been answered but not really - the answer does not actually answer anything.

    Is there any way to include migrations using the command line with script folders? I'm using the latest SQL Compare and SQL Source Control. Although this is happening on a build server so there is no SQL Source Control installed.
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