SQL Compare + Command Line + Migration Scripts

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Can someone describe how to get SQL Compare's command line tool to actually use migration scripts? I am able to get the command line to execute a comparison between my version control system (SVN) and a target database. However, I cannot seem to make it pick up migration scripts. I have a scenario where I am doing a table rename and want to perform an sp_rename vs. a drop and create. If I step through the worked example from the docs, I see that it prompts me to "review" migration scripts. Nothing happens from the command line though.

I am using SQL Compare 10 and SQL Compare 11. I also noticed that migrationsfolderxml is marked as deprecated? If so, what takes its place?




  • DavidBrowerDavidBrower Posts: 3 New member
    I have also come on to ask this question. We have migrated from SQL Compare 10 to SQL Compare 12 and are now finding that our deployments are no longer working.

    Is there a response to the question above that I have maybe missed?

    Many thanks.
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