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1.2.3 Configure Distribution List is Slow to load

csuirecsuire Posts: 25 Bronze 3
edited April 13, 2016 2:19AM in SQL Multi Script
1. Adding new databases to the distribution list seems slower than it used to be.

Running a SQL trace it runs:
select name, cmptlevel from master..sysdatabases
Then for each of my ~800 databases it checks the db status.
...~4 or 5 minutes later...

2. Future feature request to speed up adding new databases:
My basic usage
Expand the server.
Wait 5 minutes
Select all databases starting with prefix_DBName. //Most are grayed out on the left. The new one or two databases I need to add are not grayed out.
Push Add>> and OK
Future request might be for it to auto detect databases starting with a certain prefix and prompt if I want to add them to my distribution list.
We've detect 3 new databases starting with db_. Do you want to add them to your distribution list?


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