Upgrade SQL Monitor and migrate db to SQL2012

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I have an existing SQL Monitor 4.2 installation. I have SQL Monitor installed on and the database for it on a Windows 2008/SQL2008 server. What I want to do is MOVE to Windows 2012SQL2012 on a different server. So, what are the steps for this? Do I backup/restore the database to the new WIndows 2012 server then when I go to install the SQL Monitor software will it then ask to upgrade this database on the new server? Will the license carry over as well?

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  • Hi Markus,

    It sounds like you got it in one! All of the configuration for SQL Monitor is stored in the database so if you backup restore then install the version you want on the new server and point it at the newly restored database it should just work as if you were updating normally.

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    OK, thanks.
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