SQL Search 2.3 beta (SSMS2016 support)

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SQL Search beta (13th April 2016)

This build of SQL Search includes:
  • Support for SSMS March 2016 Preview Refresh

Download the beta


In the SSMS March 2016 Preview Refresh (available from https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt238290.aspx), Microsoft have changed the version of the Visual Studio shell used by SSMS from 2010 to 2015. At the same time as this, they have deprecated support for old-style addins and our plugins will need to be updated for the new shell. This build of SQL Search adds support for the Visual Studio 2015 shell in SSMS.

Please note that this will not work with any earlier preview versions of SSMS 2016.

EDIT: 13/4/2016 - An updated build ( is now available; this post has been updated. You should uninstall the previous beta before installing it.
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  • ballandaballanda Posts: 8 Bronze 2
    Hello... Is it possible, or will it soon be possible, to use SQL Search from within Visual Studio 2015?

    I am trying to see if I can quit using SSMS for most if not all of my day to day tasks, and SQL Search is the final piece of the puzzle.

    Thanks for the fine work!
  • Hi;

    There are no plans at the moment for a Visual Studio version of SQL Search; however, it doesn't feel like it should be too hard to get a version running, given the fact the new SSMS is built on the VS2015 shell. If other people are interested in this, please let us know and I'll add it to our backlog for consideration.

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  • There is now an updated version of this beta ( available. The changes are internal but should help interoperability with future SSMS releases and other Redgate products.

    You should uninstall the previous beta before installing this version.

    Download here
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  • Hi,
    Are custom SSMS add-ins using the SIPFramework going to be supported for SSMS2016? The current SQL Search beta 2.3 does not show the "Add-ins" button in the toolbar and our custom add-in is not loaded.
  • Hi krm;

    Unfortunately, it is not technically possible to bring SIPFramework support to SSMS2016. In changing to the VS2015 shell for SSMS, Microsoft have switched from the old addin format to the new .vsix extension format as used by Visual Studio; one side effect of this change is that integration points such as buttons, commands, toolbars and menu entries have to be statically declared up-front. As it is not possible to dynamically create these, SIPFramework cannot function as it currently does in pre-2016 versions of SSMS.

    We are still working on a strategy for supporting developers using SIPFramework to build their addins for SSMS2016 - we have an internal technical solution to make migration to the new extension format more straightforward, but as the sands are still shifting at Microsoft's end, we don't want to commit to anything until we know exactly where we stand - for example, if Microsoft decide to build an SSMS extension gallery similar to the existing Visual Studio gallery, we would probably encourage people to move to that.

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  • Hello. I recently installed the latest version of SSMS from msdn (v17.0 RC1). When I try to install SQL Search 2.3, it shows SSMS 2016 listed among the list of required software options, but my check box to Install is disabled. Do I need a specific older version of SSMS 2016?

    Screenshot: http://imgbox.com/TVd9h7YL
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