SQL Monitor 5.1 released

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We've released SQL Monitor 5.1, which you can download here.

• SRP-9520: On the alert details pages, the “Performance data” tabs now always cover the full duration of the alert (or, for active alerts, the duration up until the most recent collection time)
• SRP-9596: Decreased CPU and memory usage relating to unbound data retrieval
• SRP-9607: Updated the hardware and performance guidelines documentation to reflect current guidelines
• SRP-10194: Updated the styling on the manual license activation screen
• SRP-10407: Improved the wording in the banner displayed when you add a server, to show a “connecting” message instead of a green “success” message
• SRP-10409: Scheduled page refreshes for the overview pages and Alert Inbox no longer trigger a “Loading…” indicator
• SRP-10422: On the SQL Server instance overview page, under “Server properties”, we now display the friendly version name and version number instead of the full Microsoft version number
• SRP-10452: Improved the labels in the “Blocking process” alert details, to clarify that the duration shown is the total duration for which all descendants have been blocked

• SRP-2856: Fixed a “maxDate < minDate” issue that caused an unhelpful stack trace to be displayed
• SRP-9479: Performance counters are no longer collected as negative for Disk avg. read time. Previously, when this happened, the data was discarded
• SRP-9915: On the Configuration > Monitored servers screen, in the “More actions” menu, the “Remove servers” option is now enabled if you have at least one host machine selected
• SRP-9571: On the alert details page, for the “Job duration unusual” alert, the information displayed in the “User” field now matches the job owner
• SRP-9964: Corrected the breadcrumbs on the alert details page for availability group alerts
• SRP-10028: On the Availability group overview screen, the State and Failover columns are now sorted correctly
• SRP-10090: Fixed an issue where the styling sometimes took time to load properly in Internet Explorer
• SRP-10395: Clicking “Remove overrides” for a customized alert now correctly updates the number in brackets in the “Monitored servers” list
• SRP-10403: Fixed an issue that caused the “Long-running query” alert status to show as “Ended” when the query was still running
• SRP-10402/SRP-10405: Fixed issues that resulted in users being unable to open certain “Long running query” and “Blocking process” alerts
• SRP-10431: Navigating to the login page (when logged out) with an incorrect ReturnUrl no longer causes an error
• SRP-10432: Corrected the error message displayed when you try to add a server name containing an invalid character
• SRP-10447: SQL Monitor no longer throws an exception when you move a server out of a group and into “All Servers”
• SRP-10453: When alert emails are enabled, a successful job run following a “Job failing” alert will no longer generate an alert email with a status of None
• SRP-10457: The installer no longer displays a confusing error message if you try to create a database with the same name as an existing database
• SRP-10461: The database schema update warning in the installer is no longer truncated at 125% DPI
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