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Build DB from source control script

maxwell.neslermaxwell.nesler Posts: 5
edited April 4, 2016 11:40AM in SQL Compare 11
Hello, open to all...

I have a git repo that contains the sql schema scripts built with RedGate SQLCompare.

I would like my team to be able to clone the repo, and build the database with these scripts.

What is a way we can do this? I have been able to run the SQL script that SQLCompare generates but its getting hung up on the weirdest stuff:

UserDefinedDataTypes not being found when they are clearly in the script and created before any storedproc references them.

I am so angry i could swear.



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    Hi Maxwell,

    Can you clarify some things for me? You're comparing the contents of your repository against an empty database, generating a deployment script and then trying to use this script to build the database - is that correct?

    Are both environments using the same version of SQL Server? If you're deploying to a different version than the one you generated the script against then there might be problems. What version of SQL Compare are you using? If you're not on the latest version then try upgrading just in case.
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