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Filter on table triggers ?

dlauwersdlauwers Posts: 2
edited April 4, 2016 6:30AM in SQL Compare 11

I am using SymmetricDS for replication purposes. This tool generates its own Table triggers to capture the data. We have our own triggers on tables as well.

If we compare 2 versions of our database, the Symmetric triggers are different and must NOT be synchronized. We can currently disable the DML Triggers, but then our own triggers are not compared !

We would like to filter on the name of the trigger of a table. All table triggers the start with SYM_ (in our case) must be ignored, all other triggers should be compared and synchronized if needed.
When a change on the table is detected, lets say a new column, and the table is synchronized the SYM_ triggers must also be ignored !

Is this possible ? How ?
And if it is not available, would it not be a good feature for the next version of SQL Compare ? :)



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