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VSTS Extension 'remote_data_archive_migration_state'

dtvdtv Posts: 7
edited March 31, 2016 11:08PM in DLM Automation

First, I am using the SQL Release VSTS Extension with an Azure v12 database.

Same issue as before with the SQL CI VSTS Extension I ran into.

How/when can I expect the recent updates to be applied to this extension? Is it no longer supported?
I know that the DLM Automation Suite was updated with the fix from SQL Compare, which I have confirmed works when I run SQL Compare by itself. However, I've been looking around to see how I could (if it is even possible) to update the SQL Release VSTS extension. The operations does not appear to be working anymore. The last update to this extension according to the Marketplace was 12/22/2015.

2016-03-30T01:30:59.9827962Z ##[debug]Calling: C:LRMMSServicesMmsTaskAgentProvisionerToolsagents1.97.1 asksRedgateSqlRelease1.0.1SCSQLCompare.exe /server1:tcp:REMOVED.database.windows.net /database1:REMOVED /username1:REMOVED /password1:******** "/makescripts:C:UsersuildguestAppDataLocalTempSQL Releasefpf3g3co.lax" /force /options:DecryptPost2kEncryptedObjects,IncludeDependencies /OutputWidth:1024 /out:"C:UsersuildguestAppDataLocalTempSQL Releaseabez2lpm.log"
2016-03-30T01:31:03.3062164Z ##[debug]C:LRMMSServicesMmsTaskAgentProvisionerToolsagents1.97.1 asksRedgateSqlRelease1.0.1SCSQLCompare.exe ended with exit code 126
2016-03-30T01:31:03.3654003Z ##[error]SQLCompare.exe terminated with the exit code 126: Failed due to a SQL Server error.
2016-03-30T01:31:03.3664022Z ##[error]SQLCompare.exe produced this error output:
2016-03-30T01:31:03.3664022Z ##[error]Error: Error occurred connecting to database: Invalid column name 'remote_data_archive_migration_state'.
2016-03-30T01:31:03.4065625Z Finishing task: RedgateSqlRelease
2016-03-30T01:31:03.4305557Z ##[error]Task RedgateSqlRelease failed. This caused the job to fail. Look at the logs for the task for more details.


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