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MERGE statements not being parsed correctly

AaronPDXAaronPDX Posts: 3 New member
edited March 24, 2016 6:23PM in SQL Prompt
I just upgraded from SQL Prompt v. 7.0.something, and am now at

SQL Prompt doesn't seem to be parsing MERGE statements correctly for recognizing suggestions for auto-complete, OR for doing Smart Rename.

For example:
MERGE dbo.Person
USING dbo.Person_Address pa
ON p.Person_ID = pa.Person_ID

I would expect to get a list of columns available from the dbo.Person table, but instead I ONLY get columns suggested from dbo.Person_Address.

Similarly, if I try to do a Smart Rename of a column in the dbo.Person table that is included in the MERGE statement (eg. 'Person_ID' to 'ID'), it will recognize that this MERGE needs to be included in the Smart Rename, but it will not recognize that the 'Person_ID' column is connected to dbo.Person, and will leave it as is, then throw an error when trying to run the Smart Rename script.
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