How to purge data for Removed Servers

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I removed some servers from my SQL Monitor configuration. However, I realized I forgot to check the box to "Delete existing data for the server from the Repository." So none of the data from these removed servers has been purged out of the database. So I'm looking for a way to purge this data. I discover the table settings.ObjectsPendingRemoval. I tried an experiment by removing another server from SQL Monitor, this time making sure to check the appropriate checkbox to delete the data. SQL Monitor entered the following string into the ObjectsPendingRemoval table:


Lucidrect1 is the name of the server that I removed, but does anyone know what the rest of this string means? And if we can decipher this, can I add that string to the ObjectsPendingRemoval table with the name of the servers which I removed to get the data purged out?


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    Good Afternoon,
    I checked with the developers and they said this in regards to the settings.ObjectsPendingRemoval table:

    "It should be safe to delete the data from ObjectsPendingRemoval.
    Background: When you remove a cluster, the details of the cluster are stored in ObjectsPendingRemoval, then the data relating to machines in the cluster is removed from the database shortly afterwards. As a result, ObjectsPendingRemoval doesn't hold state or anything particularly important."

    With this in mind, one thing you can try to ensure the deletion of the data, is to re-add the servers and then remove them with the check box for deleting the data checked. I recommend this over trying to use a string as it can be very tricky to get the procedure with the strings to work.

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