Unable to profile a dll that is called from a windows svr

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I am unable to profile an assembly which is called from a Windows service (Batch service).
When I attach the profiler to the Batch service it only profiles the BatchService.exe code but not the assembly that is invoked from service which does the business logic I am trying to profile.

Please let me know how I can profile this assembly.



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    Hi gidduk, thanks for your post!

    Regarding your query, in case the results from the DLL are just deeper into the call tree so that they aren't immediately shown, can you kindly switching to the 'Methods grid' view, display 'All methods', untick the 'Hide insignificant methods' checkbox, and then check for the methods from the dll in that list? (In case the methods don't take very long to execute, you may need to also go to Tools>Advanced options and untick 'Avoid profiling extremely trivial methods' and then do the profiling session again.)

    If you're still not seeing results from the dll though, I'm afraid it's likely because you are profiling by attaching to process, which uses Sampling mode of profiling (the least detailed mode) which doesn't get results for every method called. If this is the case, can you kindly try profiling the service by starting it through the profiler rather than attaching? You can then profiling using one of the "All methods inc. framework" profiling modes to make sure that the profiler will get results for all .NET calls made.

    I hope that info will help! Please let us know how you get on.

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