SQL Monitor 5.0.11 released

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We've released SQL Monitor 5.0.11, which you can download here.

• SRP-10220: Improved messaging on the Add SQL Server screen to clarify what syntax is required
• SRP-10289: The Edit and Remove options for maintenance windows are now accessible directly from the maintenance window column
• SRP-10393: The links to the documentation from the Authentication Settings and availability group overview pages are now clearly displayed even when the information banner has been dismissed

• SRP-4468: Using double quotes in a group name no longer causes an error on the group overview page
• SRP-10413: Failure to suspend servers no longer results in a green tick icon being displayed next to the error message
• SRP-10408: SQL Monitor no longer collects sightings for host machines that aren’t monitored
• SRP-10394: The colored alert bars on the Availability group overview now display and update correctly when alerts are raised
• SRP-10388: The Diagnostics page no longer reloads constantly for non-admin users
• SRP-10380: The top 10 system processes no longer disappear and reappear every 30 seconds
• SRP-10379: On the alert configuration page, the “Inherit settings from: All Servers” option is no longer incorrectly checked when the alerts are actually customized at a lower level
• SRP-10375: Adding an alert to [redgate].[settings].[KeyValuePairs] now correctly suppresses alerts when there are existing open alerts of the type that are being excluded
• SRP-10305: The startup type property is no longer blank for service status alerts
• SRP-10304: Stopping the SQL Server Integration Service now always results in an alert being raised
• SRP-10299: Read-only users can no longer reach the “Set maintenance window” dialog box
• SRP-10287: On the Analysis Graph, the metric description now updates to match the metric selected
• SRP-10286: The logical disk counters now appear as expected on the Analysis Graph, instead of appearing briefly and then disappearing
• SRP-10278: The availability group overview no longer freezes on the loading icon and requires refreshing when a new alert is raised
• SRP-10253: On the availability group overview page, the availability group status no longer incorrectly shows as “Unconfigured”
• SRP-10244: After suspending monitoring for a cluster, the status of the nodes no longer displays as “Monitoring”
• SRP-10223: You’re no longer able to reinstall a version of SQL Monitor that you already have installed
• SRP-1527: Service pack levels are now displayed correctly on the machine overview page
• SRP-9537/SRP-9538: Improved UI of installer to avoid truncations
• SRP-9509: The link to the PDF license agreement in the installer now works correctly
• SRP-10124: On the Configuration > About screen, the Server HOST .NET now shows the highest version of .NET that’s installed
• SRP-10420: All SQL Monitor components now run on .NET 4
• SRP-9179: The times shown on the “Database unavailable” alert are now displayed in the same time zone
• SRP-10336: When you try to add or remove servers and the SQL Server hosting your SQL Monitor database uses a case-sensitive collation, SQL Monitor no longer throws an error
• SRP-10108: If you’re logged in to SQL Monitor in one tab, and then you log out in another tab, attempting to deactivate a license in the first tab no longer displays a blank error banner, and instead takes you to the login screen
• SRP-10271: Fixed a minor text box width issue in the “Set maintenance window” dialog box
• SRP-10415: SQL Monitor now respects the exclusion lists in the “Long-running query” alert settings
• SRP-10416: Cluster failovers and hardware changes no longer cause analysis data to become inaccessible on the Analysis Graph
• SRP-10338: If you install an update while logged in and using the app, SQL Monitor no longer throws an error
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