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Support for generating Diffs

JosefJosef Posts: 11 New member
edited April 4, 2016 10:53AM in SQL Compare 11
Hello all!

I'm the gatekeeper for pushing changes from dev to production in our SQL Environment. Frequently that means bundling a list of stored procedure and data changes into a set of change and rollback packages which get put into GIT with a pull request for the developer to review. Unfortunately, the script contains the entire stored procedure so it can be difficult for them to verify that only their changes are in the script. It would be nice if, in addition to scripting the changes to the database, we could also generate a Git Like Diff report to include that shows the object and what changed.

I know the functionality of seeing the diffs already exists in the tool, is there an easy way to save those diffs to a file just as we save the change script?




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    Under Tools there is an option to generate reports. You have the option of generating HTML or XML. I've used this in the past when our developers have asked for differences between environments. It's not part of the script generating wizard, but the option does exist.
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