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Can you format an entire SSDT Project?

StevepowellnetStevepowellnet Posts: 2
edited March 10, 2016 6:37AM in SQL Prompt
Or an entire DB?

Am working with some remote devs who don't format stuff. So the code is mixed which is annoying the blazes out of me. I could try and hunt them all down but wondered if there was a quick way of running it across the whole thing in one hit.

Many thanks



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    Hi Steve,

    Currently SQL Prompt can't format an entire SSDT project or database. We're hoping to add this functionality in the future but we're a little way off.

    We do have a UserVoice suggestion which I think covers what you want. If you could add your votes that would be great! We use UserVoice to keep track of and prioritise suggestions for SQL Prompt.

    Best regards,

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