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upgrading stop on 98%

ricardo.zacariasricardo.zacarias Posts: 6
edited March 10, 2016 1:51PM in DLM Dashboard
Well, this time the version: DLM Dashboard – © Red Gate Software Ltd
stop in 98 percent with the next legend: Monitoring is paused while we finish upgrading (98% done)

Raven DB datasize 13.2 GB.

Time trying to update to new version: 4 days..
RAM consumed : 8 GB.

So i decide to uninstall all, even the database. =)

So many erros: multiple 401 errors with lots of GET.

I don´t know if is the SignalR call.


  • Hello,

    Sorry for the issue you are having with the DLM Dashboard. We have opened a ticket for you so we can troubleshoot what is happening more in depth than we can through this post. I will respond to the ticket right after finishing this, thanks.
    Allen LeVan
    Red Gate Software
    US Product Support
  • Dear Allen, unfortunately i don´t take any screenshot, or log the browser session, so simply uninstall and reinstall new version clean.

    I Remove the RavenDB, and RedGate database from server, but i can told you that there was a lot of SignalR calls.

    Please accept my apologies for don´t give to you more information or anything that can help you to improve DLM Dashboard.

    P.D Excuse my english if i have an typo error.
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