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Best Way to Report Performance Issues

ZianChoyZianChoy Posts: 8 Bronze 1
edited March 3, 2016 1:10PM in SQL Prompt
What is the best way to report recurring cases of SQL Prompt being slow to populate the drop-down menu across all sorts of different databases?

Also, how long should it reasonably take to populate the list for a SQL Server 2014 database with <10 tables?

I know that user interaction guidelines generally say "0.1 seconds for feeling instant, 1 second for needing some feedback, and 10+ seconds = noticeably slow".


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    Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi ZianChoy,

    Just to make sure we're talking about the same thing, when you say the "drop-down menu" do you mean the suggestions in the query window or the right click menu on the object explorer?

    For a database with less than 10 tables the processing that SQL Prompt does for the suggestions list should be instant. Where a slow down might occur is if the database is hosted on a server with a high latency, resulting in the initial queries that retrieve the suggestions taking a while to run.

    Logging a support ticket might be best if the issue needs some more investigation: https://redgatesupport.zendesk.com/hc/e ... quests/new
    Please include as much detail as possible.

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    ZianChoyZianChoy Posts: 8 Bronze 1
    I'm talking about the "suggestions in the query window".

    Thanks for the advice.
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