Issue with adding a cluster in Monitored servers

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I am starting to try your SQL monitor tool, which looks promissing. But I have an issue with one of our servers,, which is a 2 nodes, passive/active with a standalone SQL instance.
The cluster is recognized, along with its 2 nodes, but the SQL instance cannot be discovered: "(local) Unreachable, cannot connect"
In fact, if I look at the logs, it seems that the issue is the cluster server name is different from the SQL ressource, so called "Client access name" in the cluster manager tool.

The cluster name is : VSQL01

When I add the server in the monitoring as VSQL01INFRA, it is automatically replaced with VSQL01. Hence, later on, SQL Monitor fails to connect to the SQL default instance, as it is unknown under the name VSQL01, but rather under VSQL01INFRA. If I check the tool logs, I find many errors like :
" The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and .... bla bla"

I don't know if this is a classic configuration with clusters, but this is an issue in that case. Or maybe there is a workaround to this ?

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    Actually, I can answered to myself !
    After several unsuccessful remove/re-add the clustered server for monitoring, I rather tried to just click on "try reconnection" in the "monitored servers" window, and all of a sudden,it worked :D

    No clue what really happened with this one, but so far so good, case closed.

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