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Include only a specific security schema on database compare

priyasinhapriyasinha Posts: 548 Silver 1
edited February 29, 2016 9:55AM in ReadyRoll
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Is there a way to limit the dbsync tool database compare to only a single security schema? We have many applications in a single database grouped by security schema.



I'd like to only include Application1 in my readyroll project and ignore any changes to the Application2 security schema. Is this possible?
Priya Sinha
Project Manager
Red Gate Software


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    We don’t currently have a way to specifically include a certain schema’s objects in a given project.

    However we do have a way to exclude objects from compare by schema name, using regular expressions:
    https://documentation.red-gate.com/disp ... se+Objects

    Unfortunately you’d need to add the full list of irrelevant schema names in order to get it to include just the one you want; I realise that wasn’t quite what you were after but hopefully this is of some use to you.
    Priya Sinha
    Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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