Adding column to the methods grid ?


I'm just trying the new version 4.1 and... well... I don't find how to add the Min/Max or Avg columns in my method grid (no right click on column header, no buttons in "View" menu). Have these functionalities been removed (it was so helpful in version 3) ?

At the moment, I just have the Avg Time in the source code.
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  • I'm afraid these have been removed in v4.1. There are no avg or min/max columns. No columns can not be added or removed.

    Given your feedback, we may put such data in to future versions.

    Thanks for your query!
    Jason Crease
    Red Gate Software
  • For me, these features were one of the real differences between ANTS Profiler and its concurrents.

    It's very useful to be able to compare Min, Max and Avg:
    eg: an average time closer to Min than Max shows a long first method call and followed by quick ones.
  • Hi,

    I would just like to add that one of the primary reasons these measures were not included was because of the negative impact recording them was having on the amount of overhead when profiling.

    For smaller applications this may not be such an issue but it was certainly affecting a larger number of people. The decision to reduce the overhead in V4 meant that these measures were dropped. We also discovered from our research that the majority of users didn't know about the choose columns functionality so had no idea that the measures even existed although there will always be exceptions.

    We hope that the other features such as the selectable regions on the time line, the call graph and expanding to the hottest path and code view navigation as well as viewing times in CPU or Wall Clock times will still allow you to profile easily and make up in some ways for the removal of the 3 columns although i can understand your disappointment.

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  • Hi Stephen,

    For sure, AP 4.1 is a great tool and I will use it even if I can't see these columns :)
    I used several .NET profilers and that's the most user-friendly !

    I understand your performance requirements. But if you ask me what I would choose between performance and functionalities, I won't hesitate. AP 3 wasn't so slow.

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