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SQL Source Control (can't find the forum for it, sorry).

I have a database set up with git VCS, and am trying to use the Compare tool to create scripts to convert my test copy to match my dev copy.

So, in source control I have a tag v0.1.0.0-t which is where I am now, and I have an older tag v0.0.1.0-t which is where I was.

One would think that I could select v0.1.0.0-t as the source and v0.0.1.0-t as the target and generate a set of scripts that I can then run on my test server to update the database (I don't have access to that target database from my dev machine, so I can't set it as an actual database target).

I've read here: ... ce+control (and various other places), where it says: "You can deploy to a target database, create a new database, or create a change script to update a target source control version."

But, under the Schema Compare/Deploy tab on the Source side, I select Source Control, choose Specific Version, click the ... button, and there's no history. For the Target side, I'm unable to select Source Control.

Can someone explain to me why I can't use this feature? It's really the only one I need, and it appears to be... well, useless.



  • Hello,

    We've opened a support ticket for this question as it will take some troubleshooting to figure out why the history is not showing up. I will be repsonding there right after this response, thanks.
    Allen LeVan
    Red Gate Software
    US Product Support
  • For anyone who happens across this, support determines that the problem is with lack of support for Git history in version 3. Time to update...
  • I've been trying to update to SQL Source Control 4 and running into some problems. First I did an upgrade, which appeared to work well, but then I had no 'View History' dropdown and half the features were broken.

    Then I uninstalled all of the RedGate tools from my system and attempted to reinstall from scratch, and I can't even do that. Now I get an error upon completion (SQL Source Control 4.1: The path is not of a legal form), and when I try to open SSMS 2014, it tells me that the Integration Pack addin isn't valid.


    (note the path in the SSMS startup error: ...Studio12.0\Addins...)
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