Help- 9009 error that will not let me MSBuild script succeed

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I am having an issue with running the command-line portion of sqlcompare 7.1. We are using it to ensure our remote development db schema stays syncronized with our local development db schema.

I did read on another post that addig the /allowIdenticalDatabases switch would stop this from returning an error, but that isn't the case.

Here is our command that is being ran to return the 9009 exit code:
(It is on one line, but I have broken it up into seperate lines for reading purpose)


I get a list of identical tables and the sync is actually completing successful, but just returning a failure. Thsi is very important, as it is stopping our build servre from producing successful build. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You
Ryan Helms
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    I found the solution after playing around a bit. I added the WorkingDirectory attribute to the <Exec> tag and poof, it worked.

    Working Example:

    <Exec WorkingDirectory="C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Compare 7\" ~>

    Hope this helps someone.

    Ryan Helms
    Project Lead
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