SQL Monitor 5.0.8 released

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We've released SQL Monitor 5.0.8, which you can download here.


• SRP-9600: Modified the default collection intervals to reduce impact on CPU and memory
• SRP-9811: SQL Monitor now raises alerts at only one severity by default, and the threshold values have also been updated. For more details see List of alerts
• SRP-10298: Improved the default time periods for data purging, so that data you’re likely to want to view trends for is kept for longer than performance troubleshooting data
• SRP-10306: When you start monitoring a machine or cluster, SQL Monitor now only adds the instances that are running (and not instances that are disabled or not started)
Note: failover cluster instances are an exception – SQL Monitor adds all failover cluster instances, whether they’re running or not
• SRP-10234: SQL Monitor no longer raises false “Backup overdue” and “Log backup overdue” alerts
• SRP-10237: On the Alert settings page, if you disable a default severity level and save your settings, the value no longer changes to zero
• SRP-10280: When you remove a server, SQL Monitor no longer removes all local instances from other servers
• SRP-10282: Increased the maximum recursion limit for “Blocking process” alerts from 100 to 1000
• SRP-10297: SQL Monitor now reviews the 15 minutes (instead of 5 minutes) prior to the end of a “Blocking process” alert to find out when the block started
• SRP-10312: SQL Monitor no longer raises multiple “Blocking process” alerts if there are two or more processes being blocked by the same root process
• SRP-10316: For the “Blocking process” alert, the Alert details page now displays the last recorded blocking time after the blocking process has ended, instead of displaying “Unknown”
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