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RoganRicheartRoganRicheart Posts: 3
edited February 23, 2016 9:21AM in SQL Search
I have sql server 2008 & 2012 SSMS installed and never installed any red-gate product prior to SQL Search 2. All I've ever installed on this machine is SQL Search - so the repairing SSMS Integration Pack is not an option for me. Also I work for a bank and I had to jump hurdles just to get SQL Search installed. Asking to install the SSMS Integration Pack alone will take a week just to go through the motions of getting accepted.

Is there anyone with this issue? Where nothing was installed prior to installing SQL Search 2 and what was the 'real' fix?

Thanks in advance.


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    Installed the ssms integration pack but now getting an error in regards to not being able to load sql search. Prior to installing the pack I didn't get any notifications. Maybe this is positive movement - not sure.

    I tried to do the repair option on the SSMS Itegration Pack but that option is not available. I only see it for Sql Search 2.
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