For how long DLM changes will be saved

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For how long all changes will be saved?
And is it possible move them to some archive?

Thank you


  • Hi Yuri,

    DLM Dashboard will automatically move the changes from the SQL Server instance to its own internal database after a while. You will still be able to view the archived changes from DLM Dashboard.
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  • asouza08asouza08 Posts: 3 Bronze 1
    I recently migrated my acceptance databases to a new instance of SQL Server via backup and restore, including the RedGate database for DLM Dashboard. When adding those databases to DLM Dashboard, they didn't register as a known schema nor did they reflect the schema history of the previous instance of SQL Server. Is there a way to migrate the schema history as well?
  • cphitecphite Posts: 3 New member
    Is there any way to control how long changes are kept in the RavenDB database? We would like to trim ours down if possible...
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