Pivot view missing?

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edited April 7, 2016 1:40AM in SQL Data Compare 11
Updated to 11.5

Noticed Pivot view is gone ?? :?



  • Thanks for your post and good catch!
    It looks like 11.3 and earlier still have the pivot view. I have logged this as SDC-2061 and reported it to the project managers for triage.

    I will follow up with you via email in case you have any other questions or issues!

    All the best,
    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
  • Hi there-

    Recently we've been doing some work to remove Syncfusion components from our products, since we believe they no longer provide enough value for their (rather high) licensing costs. Part of the work involved required rewriting the SQL Data Compare differences grid. Unfortunately we have limited resources and we saw that the pivot view had rather low usage, so it didn't make it into this rewrite. If you'd like to see it again I'd encourage you to head over to the SQL Data Compare uservoice page and add it as a suggestion - in particular, it would be useful if you can explain why pivot view is useful to you so that we can build something better if we decide to revisit it.

    I'll make sure the relevant release notes get updated, since it looks like we missed updating those. Sorry for the trouble.
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    :shock: So how do I revert to 11.4?
  • Hello there,

    I sent you a link to an earlier version that has pivot view (11.3.9)- if anyone else reading this really wants to downgrade to gain back pivot view then I suggest you go to UserVoice and create/vote on it, and email us at [email protected] to get a copy of the older version.

    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
  • Re PIVOT - I can't imagine using SQL Data compare without it! I'd happily go to the Uservoice to plead the case for adding it back into the newest release, but I don't now how to navigate to UserVoice. I use Pivot every time I do a SQL Data Comparison. First off, I pivot the results to see the fields showing differences - that tells me right away if I I've inadvertently included a column for comparison that varies from run to run and produces invalid exceptions. Also, I have a hypothesis of which fields SHOULD have changed and will roll thru the highlighted fields in the pivot view to see if there is any thing unexpected there. From that point I can dig in and start eliminating false breaks (float field comparisons, bad key setup, etc.) and also to eliminate comparison of fields that are NEVER different in the two sets, thus narrowing the results so that it both runs faster and true differences can be more easily viewed and investigated.

    This was the BIGGEST help! I just found out about this because we hired someone new and I was training him on this tool. He'd gotten the new version deployed and that was where I took him first. Am recommending that he downgrade and I will not be upgrading to a higher version since this is gone now.

    Please bring it back. I think the only reason you might have noted low usage is because maybe some people just don't know about it. Yes, it is worth the resources to include again. Thanks!!!
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    This isn't the only problem, the new result grid is really slow to scroll.
    The original results grid scrolling was fast and smooth regardless of how much data you were scanning through.
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