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SQL Compare Change Log

BrazookaBrazooka Posts: 2
edited February 16, 2016 9:21AM in SQL Compare 11
hi, I am new to the software. I am trying to get an idea if I can accomplish a similar workflow as with liquibase (or similar tools) - i.e. Can I have a changelog file that gets executed in the order I choose, and I can maintain the change file in source control? Thanks in advance.


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    SQL Compare simply compares two database schemas and generates an update script on the fly. For source control capability, you would need something else. SQL Source Control is what we would normally suggest, but it's state-based in that it stores the schema in source control and generates an update script on the fly.

    You're looking for something that keeps the change scripts in source control, so I would suggest that ReadyRoll could be a good solution for you. It is a Visual Studio extension and provides the approach that you are asking about.

    I hope this helps.
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