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Integration with SSIS

asindlemouatasindlemouat Posts: 3
edited February 11, 2016 11:33AM in SQL Compare 11

Is there any way to integrate SQL Compare with SSIS?

I have a scheduled job that runs an SSIS package where I dynamically import CSV's into a SQL Staging Database after dropping the the table for each file and then copy to the Live Database. The structure of these CSV's changes more often than I'd like hence why I am dynamically creating the table each time. The SSIS package fails when it try's to copy into the Live DB when the structure changes and I am left with an incomplete Live DB.

What I'd Like to Achieve
I'd like to be able to add in a step that uses SQL compare to check if there are any differences before I copy to the Live environment and stop the job.

Thanks in advance!



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