There is already a schema with this name

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Am I limited to having a version of a schema across all databases on one instance?

I have two databases being monitored on one instance, but when I tend to acknowledge changes and set the schema to version 1.3 for database 2, I get the error that this schema exists, even though it only exists for database 1.


  • Hi,

    I am afraid that this is by design: schema name should be unique within a pipeline and since it is possible to move schemas between pipelines they need to be unique globally.

    I suggest you use a unique prefix to each database, for example: DB1 - version 1.3 and DB 2 - version 1.3

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  • Hi,

    Can the "name this schema" be disable on the review page?

  • carthorncarthorn Posts: 5 New member
    So, what if a schema in two difference databases matches 100% in Compare 11, shouldn't DLM also see that those schema's match?
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