SQL Permission Error Connecting to Server (SQL Test)

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When I connect to my QA server, I have sysadmin permissions and everything works fine. I created an elevated account to connect to my UAT server and I connect properly. However, when I create the standard account for my development team (I have one myself), I get an error from SQL Test when I try to connect. I do NOT get that error from the same client session if I connect to a different server where I have sysadmin.

The SQL Test error simply says "Failed to retrieve data for this request". plus the SQL Server error says "The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'xp_qv', database 'mssqlsystemresource', schema sys. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 229)

I really don't want to grant sysadmin permission to all my developers on UAT and PROD.



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    Sorry to hear that you're experiencing this. Could you run GRANT EXECUTE ON sys.xp_qv TO username? That would be a quick fix.
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    Thanks Robert. That was close but I also had to grant execute permission on another one. Here are both commands that solved my problem:

    GRANT EXECUTE ON sys.xp_qv TO [login]

    GRANT EXECUTE ON sys.xp_instance_regread TO [login]
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