Get-only property with Expression-bodied leftout semicolon

.net reflector pro
decompile using reflector vsix not desktop

public sealed class AppDomainSetup : IAppDomainSetup
internal Dictionary<string, object> GetCompatibilityFlags() =>
this._CompatFlags //no semicolon provided here

Actually, every get-only property with expression-bodied in a class do have the problem aforementioned.
Any help will be appreciated.


  • I have figured out a solution to work around this bug, Just select v4.5 for C# version On the Page of Choose Assemblies to Debug.
    The reason is simple: Get-only property with Expressions-bodied are supported since C# 6.0.
    But I do hope redgate fix this bug soon!
  • I have seen reflector version Released 2/15/2016 fixed this bug, they fixed it for reflector desktop, but the vs extension still have this bug.

    I wonder redgate really care bugs of vs extension, but we programmers spend most of our time in the VS IDE

    update Url link: ... pdate=1238
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