Debugging in decompiled assembly is not working in VS 2015

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First, I created a testing assembly HelloWorld.dll which I want to debug and built it with release configuration.
namespace HelloWorld
    public class HelloClass
        public string SayHello(string name)
            return "Hi " + name + "!";

Then I created standart ASP.NET MVC project and:
    - Referenced HelloWorld.dll assembly - Modified HomeController's About method
public ActionResult About()
    var testingClass = new HelloClass();
    ViewBag.Message = testingClass.SayHello("John");
    return View();
- Via .NET Reflector Object Browser decompiled HelloWorld assembly
- Put breakpoint inside SayHello method (in decompiled file)
- Run debug in IIS express or IIS and request ~/Home/About page
Result: Brekpoint is never hit.

When I go to Debug -> Windows -> Modules it seems that symbols for HelloWorld.dll assembly were loaded.
However, when I do same steps in VS 2013, everything works fine.


Visual Studio Professional 2015 - Version 14.0.24720.00 Update 1
.Net Reflector 8.5
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