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SQL Prompt (8th March)

Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
edited January 26, 2016 8:38AM in SQL Prompt
SQL Prompt - 8th March 2016

This build of SQL Prompt includes:
  • Results grid features
    From the Results grid, you can now:
  • Suggestions improvements
    SQL Prompt now offers suggestions for the following SQL Server 2016 syntax:
    • Row-level security
    • Dynamic data masking
    • Always encrypted
    • Stretch tables
    • System versioning
    • Query store options
    • JSON functions
    The following are also now suggested:
    • Logins
    • Transactions
    • Columns from PIVOT/UNPIVOT clauses (UserVoice)
    Variables are also now suggested in more statements.
  • Highlight matching objects experimental feature (UserVoice)
  • Many other improvements and fixes

Download this release

Full release notes

If you have any problems with this release, please post them on this forum.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please post them on our suggestions forum so other users can vote for them.

Version history - 8th March
  • Support for SSMS 2016 RC0 / February 2016 preview
  • New SQL 2016 RC0 built-in functions are now suggested: STRING_SPLIT, STRING_ESCAPE and JSON_MODIFY
  • Support ticket 61581: Timestamps are now supported in more localizations when using "Open in Excel" from the Results grid - 3rd March
  • Using "Script as INSERT" from the Results grid now includes the size/scale/precision for more data types
  • Fix for square brackets being added around the exponent when using scientific notation (UserVoice)
  • Fix for column names in table value constructors being incorrectly qualified (UserVoice) - 22nd February
  • Support ticket 59838: The "Specify Values for Template Parameters" form is now shown on completing a snippet if template parameters are used alongside the $SELECTEDTEXT$ snippet placeholder
  • Support ticket 59835: When using "Open in Excel" from the Results grid, dates before 1900 are now exported as strings due to date limitations in Excel
  • SP-5074: Fix for "Input string was not in a correct format" error message being displayed when importing an old options file
  • SP-5706: Fix for a NullReferenceException being thrown with PIVOT/UNPIVOT clauses in some contexts - 9th February
  • Support ticket 59626: Additional property names are now suggested for the SERVERPROPERTY function
  • Support ticket 58618: Suggestions are now offered when connected to a sql server hosted on the Aliyun Cloud platform
  • SP-5695: Wildcards qualified with a table synonym are now expanded correctly (Forum post)
  • SP-5648: Fix for a COM exception being thrown when copying from Results grid if another program has a lock on the clipboard
  • SP-5513: Fix for a WPF exception being thrown if the windir environment variable is incorrectly set
  • SP-5401: Fix for an exception being thrown by tab coloring menu items on the registered servers window after server has been removed
  • SP-5385: Fix for a NullReferenceException occasionally being thrown on shutdown - 26th January
  • Initial release
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