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Question came up from dev's, when they look at an assembly or jar file they can tell what version release their code is at. How do they do the same for database schema. Meaning if their schema is at release 1234, how can they easily tell just be looking at things in database?

The two approaches I've seen--a version table manually maintained in database where a row will be added for version, date and release information on each release.
Some databases like SQL Server have extended properties which can be added at database level. From what I recall, the SQL Server version of Red Gate uses or used to use extended properties with an XML tag of some sort.

My question: Is there something similar built into Schema compare or other Red Gate products for Oracle? Alternatively if anyone has recommendations for a specific approach.


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    Hi Cmille19

    Thank you for your forum post.

    The feature you are seeking in Schema Compare for Oracle does not exist. When selecting a scripts folder there is no opportunity to select a revision. Unlike the product for Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Compare.

    If this is a feature you would like to see be added to Schema Compare for Oracle, I recommend that you post a new topic on Redgate's Oracle Tools Feature Suggestion Forum - User Voice. The User Voice forum is the best place to submit Feature Suggestions. Depending upon the number of votes and comments a topic receives, higher the number will it the chances of the feature being included in a future version of the product.

    You can obtain the Oracle Tools User Forum via the LINK.

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