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Python scripts - What members are on a session?

morrisBTmorrisBT Posts: 2 Bronze 1
edited January 25, 2016 7:53AM in SQL Data Generator
I'm looking to make use of the SetupNormalGenerator method like in the years of service example found here. What is a session in that example? Is that provided by the IronPython environment or is that coming from the tool? I'm installing the IronPython addin for VS just in case I can play around with a session so I can figure out what the parameters for that method are. If that is documented somewhere, however, I'd like to see it.


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    The session variable comes from SQL Data Generator itself, as does its SetupNormalGenerator method. You won't be able to use them outside of SQL Data Generator.

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    YussufYussuf Posts: 1 New member
    Where can I find help on the SetupNormalGenerator? ie what are the parameters? usage? I'm trying to create a simple python script that adds a random number of days onto the date provided by another column. pretty simple stuff, but can't use simple expression as i get reference errors, so having to try use python script. But I have been unable to find any documentation on redgates 'SetupNormalGenerator' ...

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    bclewisbclewis Posts: 2 New member
    Is there no more information on this topic?  I also am looking at ways to generate data with Normal or other distributions, but SetupNormalGenerator appears to be undocumented feature.
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