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Compare bewteen different SQL server versions

limorlimor Posts: 2
edited January 25, 2016 5:36AM in SQL Compare 11
Can I use the compare and sync tool in order to compare between a database that is on SQL Server 2008 R2 and a database that is on SQL Server 2014?
can I sync the structure in both directions?


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    Yes, you can compare between different version of SQL Server. When you deploy, SQL Compare will create a deployment script to work with the version of SQL Server that it is deploying to. One issue you might have is when you have new objects that are incompatible with the older version of SQL Server - in that case, SQL Compare will try and filter them out where possible. Sometimes it can't, for example if the newer-type object is a dependency of another object, and in that case you would need some manual intervention.

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    We have SQL Compare 10.7 and we would like to compare a SQL 2008 database to a SQL 2016 database. Should we be able to do that with this version?
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    Hi, thanks for getting in touch! We've made a support ticket for this so you will be contacted shortly.
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