SQL Monitor 5.0.5 released

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We've released SQL Monitor 5.0.4, which you can download here.

SRP-9810: You can now configure the following alert types by time threshold:
    Machine unreachable SQL Server instance unreachable
SRP-9815: The “Blocked process” alert has been changed to “Blocking process”, and is now only raised for the root process that’s blocking other processes, instead of being raised for every blocked process
SRP-10009: Add Availability group alerts to the select menu on Alert Configuration
SRP-10167/SRP-10203: Correct Monitoring Status displayed when monitored entity added with incorrect credentials
SRP-10097: Top waits field misalignment fixed
SRP-10225/SRP-10199: Prevent an issue whereby Backup overdue, Log backup overdue and Integrity check overdue alerts could be raised for databases in SIMPLE recovery model
SRP-10219: On the Configuration > Licensing page, when you enter a serial number and click Activate, the loading icon now displays correctly
SRP-10232: On the Configuration > Licensing page, the loading icon for the Deactivate button is now aligned correctly with the button
SRP-10120: If you use a domain service account or a Managed Service Account for your Base Monitor service, you’ll no longer see an error on the Configuration > About and Configuration > Monitored servers pages
SRP-10243: Fixed slow loading of Global Overview page
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